What Are the Benefits of an Electric Ventless Dryer?


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The benefits of an electric ventless dryer include flexibility, energy efficiency, easy placement, minimal maintenance and no installation. All ventless dryers are electric and come in two types that include heat pump and condensation dryers. Ventless dryers are ideal for small spaces such as apartments, closets and under countertops.

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Unlike traditional dryers, ventless dryers do not require an output air vent. These dryers use other methods to vent moisture-laden air, which eliminates costs associated with the installation of pipes and hosing systems. Ventless dryers have the ability to operate in various locations inside the home, which provides flexibility that is ideal for renters. As a result of gas being a combustible element, all ventless dryers use electricity. These dryers consume about 30 percent less energy than traditional dryers.

The condensation type of ventless dryer is similar to a traditional dryer. This dryer draws in dry air from the room, heats it, and pushes the air through clothing items. However, instead of venting the air, the dryer pushes the air through a heat exchanger, which cools the hot air.

The other type of ventless dryer, heat pump dryers, also draw air from the room; however, this type of dryer passes the air through a heat pump. The heat pump condenses the air into water vapor and pushes into a collection tank. Heat pump dryers require less than half the energy of a traditional dryer or condensation dryer.

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