What Are the Benefits of a Drawer Freezer?


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Benefits of a bottom drawer freezer include more space to store wide items in both the refrigerator and freezer and a design that stores the more frequently used items at body and eye level. The freezer's drawer usually takes up less space when open than a freezer with a door.

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The refrigerator and freezer are double-wide with a bottom drawer freezer design, allowing larger items like pizza boxes or frozen turkeys to be stored more easily. Items in the vegetable drawer are easier to access, because they're not at the bottom of the refrigerator anymore. Senior citizens and those with disabilities can benefit from a bottom drawer freezer, because the items they need most often are within arm's reach. Since the drawer can be pulled straight out instead of opening a door, this freezer design saves space in smaller kitchens. Certain bottom door freezers have two French doors for the refrigerator, which can also save space since only one door needs to be open.

Refrigerators with bottom drawer freezers tend to be more expensive than refrigerators with top mounted freezers. Energy costs are also usually a bit higher, because each time the freezer is opened, a large portion of the drawer has to be pulled out.

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