What Are Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Springwell Mattress?


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Some benefits of using a Springwall mattress include that it is the only mattress brand endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association and that the brand features several different mattress types for different needs, including the Chiropractic, Comfort Pockets, H2 Chiropractic, Medic, Perma Foam and customized Reverie. Drawbacks of using a Springwell Mattress may include the price and issues regarding the safety and durability of bio-based mattress foam, which is the material from which some of the mattresses are constructed. The drawbacks are general issues regarding foam mattresses and are not directed specifically at the Springwall mattress line.

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Springwall is a Canadian-based company that has been in business since 1949. One of the benefits of the Springwall mattress is the company's numerous trade rewards, commitment to satisfaction and many years operating as a successful business. The company has the lowest return rates and highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business, according to Springwall.com.

Springwall Sleep Product's Better Business Bureau profile earns an A+ rating, due to its longevity, low complaints and resolution to complaints.

Some of Springwall's products feature environmentally friendly United States-certified bio-foam materials. Critics claim that bio-foam made from plant-derived materials such as soy is no more safe or environmentally friendly than other memory foam mattresses.

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