What Are Some Benefits of Draft Inducers?


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The benefits of using a draft inducer include negative pressure offset, a reduction of smoke in the fireplace, a reduction of cold air drafts and the induction of supplemental air. Draft inducers are designed to cure drafting problems that result from small flue pipes, short chimneys and negative building pressure.

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Inadequate pressure in the building and pressure from cold air and gusts of wind may cause the normal upward draft of exhaust, fireplace smoke or stove smoke to stand still or return into the building. A draft inducer uses a blower to create an artificial draft until the chimney is able to create its own draft once again. This prevents cold drafts and leaking of smoke. The induction of supplemental air is ideal for fireplaces or ovens in tight spaces that may not have an adequate air supply to induce a natural draft.

Although draft inducers are commonly used for the chimney of a stove or fireplace, other models are built for boilers, furnaces and modular boiler systems. The latter types may help to increase reliability of the heating system and reduce maintenance by eliminating moving parts in the exhaust stream. Products are generally easy to install and operate automatically.

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