What Are Some Benefits to DIY Home Interior Design?


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Some benefits of DIY home interior design include lower cost, customization and scheduling renovations around work and family time. Additionally, a DIY design can change and grow more easily than working with a design plan where the materials are already ordered and paid for.

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The biggest benefit of DIY interior design is typically the cost. While most DIY designers don’t have wholesale licenses to get discounts on textiles and other furnishings, the money they save by not paying a professional designer’s fees can buy, for example, job lots at tile, fabric and carpet warehouses. Even a small materials budget can go farther when the homeowner sources the supplies himself.

Because DIY interior design is done on the homeowner’s schedule, design plans can grow and change quickly. For instance, if a homeowner decides on a custom tile job, he can delay renovations while he takes tile installation classes at a home improvement center. Further, unlike working with a designer who has other clients, a homeowner can take his time when sourcing materials and choosing colors and finishes. For example, although most DIY designers don’t design their own textiles, they can visit all of the local fabric stores to see the range of products available.

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