What Are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Fiberglass Inground Pools?

The main benefits of fiberglass inground pools is that they require less maintenance than other pool surface options. The main disadvantage of fiberglass pools is that they are much more costly than other options.

Another advantage to inground fiberglass pools is that they need less sanitizing chemicals because the surface of the pool is less porous. The less porous surface is also smoother, so it is not abrasive, which other options can be. While fiberglass pools are more expensive than other options, they typically don't require resurfacing after a few years of use. Fiberglass pools also often come with seats and steps already molded in because they are made off-site, and because they are prefabricated, they take less time to install. However, the prefabrication is also a disadvantage. This means that the pool has to be shipped by road to the site, and there are restrictions regarding the width of pools shipped in this manner. Specifically, the pool must be less than 16 feet wide. Also, prefabrication means that if an oddly shaped pool is needed, it is unlikely that a fiberglass option is available. Fiberglass pools are also significantly more costly than other options, putting them out of reach for homeowners on a tight budget.