What Are the Benefits of a Direct Vent Furnaces?

What Are the Benefits of a Direct Vent Furnaces?

Some of the benefits of direct-vent furnaces include easy installation, clean and safe energy, convenience, ease of use, economy, and efficiency. The specific benefits of direct-vent furnaces depend on the particular make and model.

Direct-vent furnaces are easy to install because of their unique venting systems. The units can be installed in less than two hours because they do not require duct work or a chimney and do not have special electrical, plumbing and construction requirements. This also brings down the cost of installing these furnaces in homes.

Most direct-vent furnaces work on a sealed combustion system. They do not have an exposed flame or pilot, instead using electronic ignition. This combination of features makes these units safer and cleaner to use than other traditional furnaces.

Some brands feature automatic operation, thermostat temperature control and a room temperature display. These features make the unit easy and convenient to use. Direct-vent furnaces also come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the room to be heated.

Finally, direct-vent furnaces rely on outside air for combustion, resulting in higher efficiency. They also use very little fuel so homeowners can purchase a yearly fuel supply off-season, when the price is low. The fuel can then be stored and used when needed.