What Are the Benefits of Culligan Water Softeners?


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The benefits of a Culligan water softener system include better-tasting water, cleaner laundry and dishes, reduced scale buildup and a longer useful life for appliances. Culligan offers both traditional water softeners and salt-free water conditioning.

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Hard water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause scale buildup by precipitating out and sticking to the inside of pipes and appliances. When mineral deposits build up, they reduce heat conduction, reduce flow and eventually clog pipes. Dissolved minerals also reduce water's cleaning power by interfering with soap's ability to lather. Soap reacts with the minerals in hard water to create soap scum on surfaces.

Culligan water softeners work by replacing the calcium and magnesium in hard water with sodium. The FDA classifies the amount of sodium added to soft water as safe for most people, but some individuals on sodium-restricted diets prefer to avoid softened water. For these consumers, Culligan offers a salt-free water treatment.

The salt-free water conditioning treatment filters out impurities and minerals, but is not as effective as traditional water softening. Culligan states that water filtered by this treatment is not considered soft water, and does not provide the same cleaning and appliance longevity benefits as sodium-softened water.

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