What Are the Benefits of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

What Are the Benefits of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

The benefits of a counter-depth refrigerator include a more convenient and space-efficient interior, aesthetic appearance, space-saving shape and unique storage capabilities. These characteristics vary per model, and there is a vast array of makes, features and models.

Counter-depth refrigerators, especially high-quality models, use interior space efficiently with various drawers, shelves and storage areas. The refrigerator contents are much easier to access than a standard refrigerator because of the counter-depth refrigerator’s shorter depth. This enables less bending and time holding the door open when retrieving items. The longer door bins of a counter-depth refrigerator also can be easier to access and organize than those of a standard refrigerator.

A counter-depth refrigerator is often preferred for design appeal because it aligns flush with cabinetry, creating an aesthetically-appealing appearance. This gives the kitchen an overall more stylish and uniform design.

Counter-depth refrigerators save approximately 6 inches of kitchen space in front of the refrigerator. This enables better traffic flow and less kitchen congestion. This may make a counter-depth refrigerator a more space-efficient option than a standard refrigerator, especially if the kitchen is small or contains appliances with drop-down doors across from the refrigerator.

Another benefit of counter-depth refrigerators is their wider design, which enables storage for various wide items that a standard refrigerator may not be able to store.