What Are the Benefits of a Cordless Hand Mixer?

What Are the Benefits of a Cordless Hand Mixer?

Cordless hand mixers, sometimes called immersion blenders, offer all the benefits of traditional hand mixers, without the annoying cord. Most of them are just as powerful as hand mixers with cords, and they allow cooks to prep food anywhere, regardless of where the outlet is located.

Other benefits include their cost-efficient rechargeable battery. They are also versatile, most of them coming with various attachments for different tasks in the kitchen. Plus, they are all dishwasher safe, making cleanup much easier.

There are four main cordless models available, as of 2014. The first includes the Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Handheld Blender/Mixer. The current 2015 price is just under $80. This model features whisk and paddle attachments, a splash-proof blade guard, a 16 ounce beaker and chopper accessory.

A more expensive model is the KitchenAid Pro Line Series Cordless Hand Blender/Mixer, priced at $350. This model features a powerful 12 V rechargeable battery. However, cheaper options are available in the Oster 3-in-1 Twister Mixer. This model's 2015 price is $30. It comes with a standard beater, whisk and mixer.

An even cheaper, but more limited option, is the NorPro Cordless Mini Mixer, which was under $10 in price as of 2015. It is a lightweight mixer best used for easy jobs such as whisking meringue, eggs and dressings. It comes with a beater, mixer and blender attachment.