What are the benefits of cooking with a convection oven?


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The benefits of cooking with a convection oven include efficient operation with the ability to cook larger quantities of items evenly at one time and accelerated cooking that delivers quicker results. Convection ovens can also eliminate the need to open the oven and rotate food during the cooking process.

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Fans in a convection oven circulate heat efficiently, allowing rapidly moving air to quickly heat the exposed surface area of foods and causing them to cook more quickly. This allows cooks to prepare foods at temperatures as low as 25 degrees below what a conventional oven recipe requires. The motion of the air also promotes even cooking, eliminating hot spots and cool areas that can result in food browning too much in some areas and remaining uncooked in others. Quickly moving hot air also helps seal in flavor, according to Fine Cooking.

Kitchen Daily notes that the most common way to ensure even heating and thorough cooking is to rotate food during the cooking process. The airflow used in the convection heating process allows food to continue cooking uninterrupted, eliminating the need to open the door so cooks can rotate the dish during roasting or baking and resulting in better efficiency and heat management.

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