What Are the Benefits of Color Matching Your Decor?


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Color matching brings order to asymmetrical spaces, underscores the ambiance of a room's decor and allows adjacent spaces to flow visually and harmoniously into each other. Pull the whole room together by matching the colors in the space to a key feature. Create a mood or compensate for less-than-ideal architecture with a dramatic color emphasis.

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Select a dominant or striking color in a patterned carpet to mirror in upholstery, drapery or wall paint. Copying the color both draws attention to the carpet and integrates it into the rest of the room. This trick works for any marquee decor feature, from floor coverings to antique enameled armoires to a large and exceptional piece of artwork.

Create a mood with various shades of a single color. Purples and lavenders are calming; rusts and oranges are invigorating. Play with analogous colors, the colors next to each other on a classic color wheel. Green, yellow-green and yellow might look tropical in a sun room or fresh and lively in a kitchen.

A monochrome color scheme that uses the same color in varied intensities and shades serves as an elegant backdrop to an art collection or a spectacular view. Include mirrors in a room with a monochrome color scheme to heighten the effect.

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