What Are Some Benefits of Collapsible Bins?


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The benefits of using collapsible bins include the efficient use of storage space, content protection provided by rigid bin materials and the capacity to reuse the bins. Collapsible pallet bins are also useful for transportation because they have the same dimensions as pallets, which means they fit into forklifts. Small collapsible bins have handles for easy manual transportation.

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Businesses with large-scale storage and shipping needs stand to gain many benefits by using collapsible pallet bins. Collapsible bins reduce packing and shipping costs, make items transportable that are otherwise awkward and difficult, and manage storage space in an economic fashion. Different needs require different bin options with regards to the different features, including size, material, availability of doors, wall designs and lids.

Collapsible bins typically are plastic or metal. Most are plastic because it's lightweight, durable and odorless. Sharp edges from broken metal or wood bins can be hazards, so most businesses choose plastic. Getting bins with a door built into one of the walls can prove extremely useful if you want to access a bin's contents without breaking down an entire stack to get to the bottom bin. Some bins have interlocking walls that can be perforated so that you can see the contents of the bin, or solid to prevent viewing of the content.

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