What Are the Benefits of a Climate Controlled Understairs Storage Unit?

Benefits of a climate controlled understairs storage unit include humidity control, improved air quality and protection from extreme temperatures, according to Uncle Bob's Self Storage. This type of storage unit offers peace of mind when storing fragile items such as important documents, old photos and musical instruments.

Indoor humidity may damage certain items. Climate controlled understairs storage units have humidity control that protects items from warping, cracking or rotting. Humidity control also prevents the growth of mildew. Understairs climate controlled units are not tightly sealed. This ensures continuous circulation of clean air and prevents the accumulation of dust and debris on stored items.

When temperatures are too high or too low, they may damage items such as records, clothes and musical instruments. Climate controlled storage units keep the temperatures steady so the owner does not have to worry about damage by the elements.

Storage in other types of units often discolors clothes and documents. Items that are made from metal may corrode, while items made from wood may crack. Items stored in climate controlled units are safe from the elements and retain their quality for years. However, Uncle Bob's Self Storage notes that climate controlled units are more expensive than regular storage units.