What Are the Benefits of a Clean Dryer Vent?


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A clean dryer vent improves home safety by reducing the risk of the primary cause of home fires in the United States. The clean vent also reduces drying time and energy consumption, according to West Houston Dryer Vent, LLC.

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Dryer vent fires occur when dryer lint collects in the duct that leads to the outside of the home. In many homes, the builder locates the laundry facilities in the center for more convenient access to residents. However, this means longer duct runs increase the amount of lint that collects. Over time, the flammable lint closes the duct. Heat builds up in the space, which ignites the lint, causing home fires.

One indicator of a dryer vent problem is an increase in the time required to dry a load of clothes. With a clean dryer and vent, a full washer load of clothes should dry within 50 minutes. One of the benefits of a clean dryer vent is the clothes in the dryer are ready to remove before the end of the next wash cycle. The longer drying time also increases the energy consumption of the dryer. Whether the home is equipped with a gas or electric unit, it uses more energy and adds to the home's carbon footprint.

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