What Are the Benefits of Chicken Manure Fertilizer?

Chicken manure fertilizer contains a lot of nitrogen, which is essential for plant growth. It is pure, plentiful, rich in bacteria and can be stored for an extended length of time.

Nitrogen improves the root and foliage production of plants. The nitrogen in chicken manure is concentrated, and should be aged before being used on plants to avoid burning the roots. Aging the chicken manure for six to 12 months allows some of the nitrogen to dissipate and makes the manure perfect for using as a fertilizer.

A chicken's digestive tract contains bacteria that helps the chicken break down organic matter. These bacteria are excreted by the chicken and work to make the chicken manure fertilizer soluble so it can be readily absorbed by plants. Since chickens are vegetarians, many of the diseases carried by meat-eating animals are absent in chicken manure fertilizer.

Chicken manure fertilizer is available in large quantities from chicken houses, making it an inexpensive form of fertilizer. It can be purchased in volume, composted and stored until it is needed since it takes a long time for the nutrients in chicken manure to disintegrate. As the chicken manure goes through the composting process, the scent of the manure disappears, making this fertilizer a neighbor-friendly option.