What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Heater?


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Ceramic heaters have several advantages over other types of heaters including a lower risk of fire, energy efficiency and conservation of space. These heaters are best used to provide heat for small rooms and working areas.

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Ceramic heaters produce heat through a convection process. When turned on, the interior coil and baffles are heated. This heat is transferred to the ceramic plate. The warm plate then pushes the heat into the surrounding room. Some models include fans which aid in the distribution of heat. Compared to space heaters, ceramic heaters are much less likely to create an electrical fire. It is important to maintain a certain amount of clearance surrounding the unit to decrease the chances of fire.

Ceramic heaters are able to covert up to 85 percent of the supplied electricity into heat. Units which feature a circulation fan run the fan constantly, even though the heating element does not constant run. While the heat generation ceases, the ceramic core continues to emit heat. This allows the system to maximize the energy utilized in the system.

Due to the lower operating temperature of ceramic heaters, the device is safely packaged in smaller housing. This makes ceramic heaters easier to move around and decreases the potential for the device to fall over and cause dangerous overheating.

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