What Are the Benefits of a Ceragem Bed?

Ceragem beds employ four alternative medicine methods that may improve health: massage, chiropractic, moxibustion effect and jade, explains Ceragem. The beds also offer sound therapy in order to help users reach a meditative, relaxed state.

Because a person's back may experience subluxation, or misalignment, over time due to poor posture and stress, massage may help strengthen it and add durability, according to Ceragem. Ceragem beds provide thermal massage to relieve pain, vitalize the body and improve spinal alignment. With 12 massage programs and six degrees of intensity to choose from, the Ceragem Master V3 bed allows consumers to customize their experiences.

Ceragem V3 beds have an automatic Advanced Projector Moving System that scans a user's spine to determine the most suitable massage for that person, notes Ceragem. Placed between the coccygeal vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae, the projector ascertains the distance of a person's spine and the extent to which spinal curvature has taken place. It then applies pressure to the muscles along the vertebrae.

The moxibustion effect uses heat from herbs to apply pressure to specific points along the body, notes Ceragem. By utilizing the moxibustion effect, Ceragem beds may increase blood circulation, improve the body's ability to heal itself and offer greater relaxation. The internal and external projectors inside Ceragem beds consist of jade, a stone that benefits the body when heated. Jade supports the production of radiant far-infrared heat.