What Are Some Benefits of Aluminum Roof Panels?


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Benefits of aluminum roofing include its malleability, which lends itself to a variety of roofing designs, its ease of installation compared to other metal roofing due to its light weight, and its resistance to corrosion and rust. Aluminum roofing is extremely durable and does not split, crack or burn. Aluminum roofs can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour and last 40 to 70 years, compared with traditional roofing, with warranties of 12 to 20 years.

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Another benefit of aluminum panels for roofs is aluminum's high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is light and thin and stores very little heat. Accordingly, aluminum roofing can reduce air-conditioning costs compared with traditional roofing options and evidence greater energy-cost savings than heavier steel roofing. Aluminum roofing panels, even in a shingle or tile design, are usually 12-to-36 inches in width, making installation faster than laying traditional asphalt shingles. Aluminum roofs tend to be extremely low maintenance, with a variety of factory-applied coats and colors that add to their durability and longevity. The composition of most aluminum roofing is 90-percent recycled materials, another of its environmental benefits.

A potential disadvantage of lower-grade aluminum roofing compared to steel roofing is the possibility of denting due to heavy hail. As well, aluminum roofing usually costs more and is less fire-resistant then steel roofing.

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