How Do You Bend a PVC Pipe?


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To bend PVC pipe, put a cap on one end of the pipe, fill it with clean, dry sand, then put a cap on the other end as well. Next, heat the pipe and the sand carefully with a heat gun, then bend the pipe slowly into the desired shape. Allow the pipe to cool for at least several minutes and then empty the sand from the pipe.

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  1. Put a cap on one end of the PVC pipe

    Obtain caps for both sides of the PVC pipe. Do not glue the caps on because they must be removed after the bending is completed. Screw or place one cap on one end of the pipe.

  2. Fill the pipe with sand

    Using clean sand, fill the pipe completely, tamping it down periodically. When completely full, put the cap on the other side of the pipe.

  3. Heat the pipe using a heat gun

    Work in a well-ventilated area. Wear leather gloves to protect your hands. Aim the heat gun at the PVC pipe, keeping it about an inch away. Move it slowly over the specific area where you want the bend to occur. The pipe should be warm in approximately a minute or two.

  4. Bend the pipe slowly

    Once the pipe is warm enough, turn off the heat gun. This takes only a few minutes. Take a firm hold on both ends of the pipe, and bend it slowly into the desired shape.

  5. Allow the pipe to cool

    Hold the pipe in place for a few minutes until it is cool. Remove the caps from both ends of the pipe, and pour out the sand to be used again for future projects.

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