How Do You Bend Plywood?

To bend plywood, attach a crosscut blade to a table saw, set the fence an inch from the blade, cut kerf lines into the wood, and then bend the wood. Practice cutting kerf lines into a separate piece of plywood to determine the appropriate depth and spacing of the lines.

  1. Attach a crosscut blade to the saw

    Remove the normal blade from your table saw, and attach the crosscut blade. Set the blade height to half an inch.

  2. Position the fence

    Position the fence so the saw cuts 1 inch from the edge of the board.

  3. Cut the groove

    Arrange the plywood with the finish side facing up, and position one edge of the wood against the fence. Make kerf cuts parallel to the grain of the finish. Turn on the saw. Carefully slide 6 inches of the plywood through the saw.

  4. Cut parallel grooves

    Slide the fence half an inch from the blade, and make a second line across the wood. Continue the process until you cover the plywood in parallel grooves.

  5. Attach the plywood to the frame

    Attach the scored plywood to the frame, and bend the wood into the desired shape. If the wood cracks or bends too much, cut a replacement by lowering the blade 1/6 inch. If the wood does not bend enough, double the number of lines.