What Is a Bench Hook Used For?

A bench hook keeps the wood from moving or sliding when sawing or planing wood by bracing against both the surface the hook is held on and against the wood itself.

Bench hooks provide additional safety while hand sawing as well as supplying support for the piece of wood. This support makes hand sawing more accurate. The force of the tool and gravity holds the bench hook in place and the stop acts as a guide for the saw.

Bench hooks are incredibly simple to make from scraps of hard wood or plywood. They can be made for both left and right handed people. Exact measurements are not needed but the bench hook should be made to suit the needs of the individual. It is not uncommon to have more than one bench hook for different projects.

A scrap piece of wood serves as the base, and a subbase is screwed into place atop the base. Next, a tall, squared piece of wood 1 to 2 inches high is screwed onto the subbase. Finally, screw the hook to the bottom of the base on the opposite end. Using screws, rather than glue, will allow replacement of the piece if it becomes damaged and allow for later adjustments.