How Is a Bella 13722 Programmable Slow Cooker Programmed?


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Program a Bella 13722 programmable slow cooker by plugging in the cooker, choosing the desired mode and using the timer to specify how long the food should cook. When the cooking time has ended, the warm mode automatically activates for four hours, although the length of time is manually adjustable.

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After preparing the food ingredients according to recipe, put them into the slow cooker. Fill the stoneware pot at least half full, but leave a 2-inch space from the top so the sauce can simmer. When the cord is plugged into a 120-volt AC outlet, the screen flashes to initiate programming. Press the Mode button to choose high mode for faster cooking or slow mode for slower cooking. Press the timer Plus or Minus button to adjust the timer to the correct cooking time, and wait two seconds for the cooking to begin.

The timer is programmable in increments of half an hour from 30 minutes to 20 hours. If a mode is selected but a specific time is not programmed, the machine cooks for four hours at high mode and eight hours at low mode. The timer display counts down in minutes until the cooking process is complete. Turn the slow cooker off at any time by selecting the stop button.

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