How Do You Begin Building a Garage?

How Do You Begin Building a Garage?

Building a garage adds value to your property. The garage provides a place for storage and parking your vehicle out of the elements. Start the process with thorough planning.

  1. Check with building officials

    Before doing anything else, visit with local building officials. Talk with them about your desires, and ask what is allowable on your property. Building codes address concerns such as setbacks from property lines and building height. Ask the official about permits you need and their costs. Most local governments provide this consultation at no cost.

  2. Develop plans

    Put your dreams on paper. Some building departments accept hand-drawn plans for a simple garage with minimal plumbing or mechanical equipment. Browse through commercially available plans for ideas for your garage. If one of these plans is close to what you want, the companies offering them can make changes that meet your specific needs. Consider hiring a local architect to develop plans that are more complex. Once your plans are complete, submit them to the building department for approval and purchase your permit.

  3. Decide on the amount of work you want to do

    If you want a turnkey project, hire a contractor to complete the garage. Consider the pros and cons of acting as your own contractor and hiring subcontractors to complete different phases of construction. If you have multiple construction skills, consider building your garage with limited or no outside help.