How Does the Beertender Mini-Keg System Work?


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To operate the Krups BeerTender mini-keg, place a Heineken DraughtKeg into the machine, and attach the disposable draught tube. Select a desired chilling temperature, wait for the beer to cool, place a beer glass underneath the spout, and press the spout handle to pour. BeerTender keeps beer fresh for 30 days from the time it is first tapped.

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Mini beer kegs not designed for the BeerTender typically hold an average of 55 12-ounce and 82 8-ounce servings. Beer lovers in the United States should choose keg size according to liquid volume to avoid confusion. The most popular keg design is the Sankey beer keg, which includes the keg, tap pump, tap head, spigot and handle. The BeerTender comes with disposable tap tubes that allows beer to travel from the keg to the glass when the tap handle is pressed. Most kegs purchased at retail outlets require customers to choose a tap system for the keg, which is rented for a period of time.

The BeerTender is an ideal way to keep keg beer cold and fresh for days at a time, but is limited to using a specific brand of keg beer. Kegs of beer must remain cold and mini kegs can chill in the refrigerator as an alternative to using a machine. Alternatively, place the keg into a large plastic garbage can filled with ice.

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