What Are Some Bedroom Colors That Encourage Better Sleep?


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According to a survey conducted by Travelodge, a pale or muted blue bedroom color induces the most restful sleep with an average sleep period of 7 hours and 52 minutes. The next effective paint color that calms nerves is a warm yellow, which also promotes a soothing sensation.

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The Travelodge survey was conducted by 2,000 guests, and it was focused on how colors affect not only sleep cycles, but shopping and sex habits as well. While pale blue and warm yellow promote the most relaxing feelings in the bedroom, green was also found to induce a feeling of positivity and upbeat vibes. Additionally, orange was found to induce a feeling of relaxation and create a soothing environment.

Though pale blue encourages calmness and serenity in a room, many modern homes are painted a light gray or taupe, which is considered dreary and depressing, causing residents to feel discomfort, loneliness and restlessness. Purple, while seen as an elegant color, results in the least average amount of sleep, with a typical occupant getting around 5 hours. The color is thought to be mentally stimulating, making it difficult for occupants to calm their minds and feel rested by the end of the evening.

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