How Do Bedbugs Spread Throughout a Home?

bedbugs-spread-throughout-home Credit: Space Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says bedbugs hide in the smallest of places, such as folded clothes, in the seams of luggage or mattresses and in furniture, making it easy to spread them throughout a home. People can easily and unknowingly transfer the critters from one destination to another.

At its largest, an adult bedbug measures 5 millimeters wide, and its white egg (1 millimeter) is so small it's hard to spot with the naked eye. Officials with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency says bedbug bites are oftentimes misdiagnosed, giving the critters ample time to spread to other areas of the home. There are chemical and non chemical ways to nix a bedbug infestation if acted upon quickly.

Nonchemical treatments include an hour on high heat (113 degrees) in the dryer or cold treatments (below 0 degrees) for up to 4 days. Chemical treatments can be bought in stores, online or from professional pest control companies.