How Do Bed Bugs Spread?


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Bedbugs are spread from an infested place to a residence through luggage or other possessions. Transmission of bedbugs can also occur through second-hand or found furniture.

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Bedbug infestations occur when bedbugs are picked up in an infested room or place, such as a hotel room, and are carried back to a residence. Bedbugs hide in beds, mattresses, carpets, drawers, wooden furniture, behind headboards, electrical outlets, in damaged wallpaper or on pillows and are carried back in luggage or clothing. They can be spread from taxis, airports and rental cars. They do not spread from person-to-person contact.

Bedbugs typically live on or around the area where people sleep. They bite and then feed on blood, and can survive for long periods without feeding. They can withstand gradual changes in temperature but are unable to tolerate intense heat. Though bedbugs are a nuisance, they do not spread disease. Traveling with collapsible luggage can help prevent the spread of bedbugs. Placing travel bags and clothing in the dryer on high heat immediately after arrival at home can also prevent the spread of bedbugs. Pest-control companies use a process called structural pasteurization, which is the introduction of dry heat, to treat a bedbug infestation without pesticides.

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