Do Bed Bugs Jump?

bed-bugs-jump Credit: Roger Eritja/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

Bed bugs don’t have legs that are adapted for jumping like grasshoppers and fleas do. They also don’t have wings, cannot fly and are totally reliant on crawling and climbing to get around.

For bed bugs to move from the floor onto the bed, they need to scale any furniture near the bed or climb up the legs of the bed. They are known for crawling up walls to the height of the ceiling and dropping onto beds or surrounding furniture. This situation may make it appear as if bed bugs can jump, though they are physically incapable of doing so.

Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects that can hide anywhere in a home, including in beds. Bed bugs tend to be more active during the night but can also bite during the day. The insects prefer feeding on human blood. They are not disease careers; however, their bites cause skin irritation that can provoke severe reactions in some people.