How Do You Get Bed Bugs?


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Bed bugs spread by stowing away inside things like furniture, curtains, blankets or rugs and disembarking once they reach a new area. Additionally, the bugs may take shelter in shoes, purses, backpacks, laptop cases or garment bags and then spread to other areas when the objects are moved. Bed bugs may travel through cracks in walls or foundations. Bed bugs cannot fly and must crawl from place to place.

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Bed bugs typically spend the day in sheltered locations near a bed. At night, the bugs search for food – human blood. Bed bugs feed by inserting sharp, beak-like mouths into human skin. The bite is initially painless, and the bug stays attached for several minutes. While the bites may become itchy later, and scratching may cause secondary infections, bed bugs do not transmit diseases.

Bed bugs may mature in as little as one month. Once mature, each female bed bug can deposit up to 100 eggs. In places with ample food and warm temperatures, a bed bug colony may produce three or four generations of young per year. Before feeding, adult bed bugs have small, flat bodies that are gray, brown or black in color. After feeding, bed bugs swell and begin to appear red in color.

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