What Do You Do for Bed Bugs?


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Getting rid of bedbugs requires a multi-step approach of eliminating any visible bugs, encasing the bed in special covers and placing interceptors under the legs of the bed. Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate, and elimination often requires professional intervention. Getting rid of bedbugs sometimes takes months.

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What Do You Do for Bed Bugs?
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  1. Get rid of visible bugs

    Encase all bedding and other clothing items that are potentially infested by bedbugs in a double layer of bags, and seal the bags. Wash in hot water, and dry in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum the room, seal the vacuum bag in plastic and dispose of it outside of the home. Wash bed rails using soap and water, disposing of any bugs in a container of soapy water.

  2. Create a safe island for sleep

    Encase the mattress and foundation in a special bedbug bag. These bags have zippers that prevent bugs from escaping and smooth surfaces that allow you to see any bugs crawling on top of the cover. Move the bed away from any walls. Place bedbug interceptors under the legs of the bed frame. These devices trap any bugs attempting to crawl up the bed.

  3. Call for professional help

    Avoid using over-the-counter pesticides, such as bug-bombs, which might spread the problem to other rooms. Exterminators use the appropriate pesticides to eliminate the bugs from a home. If you live in a rental property, notify the property manager, who is often responsible for pest elimination.

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