What Does Bed Bug Rash Look Like?


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The rash caused by bedbug bites typically looks like small, red spots or raised areas arranged in a line or zigzag pattern. Different people react differently to bedbug bites, so the welts may be almost unnoticeable for some but cause blistering and itching in others.

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What Does Bed Bug Rash Look Like?
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Because bedbug bites resemble the bites of spiders and fleas, as well as common skin conditions such as chicken pox, looking for bedbugs in the bed is essential to properly identify the source of the welts. Some people who are bitten by bedbugs don't develop welts or bumps until a few days after the initial bites. Bedbugs do not stay on the skin after the bug has finished feeding, but instead return to the crevices of the mattress or sofa to hide between meals. Treating the bedbug infestation is the only way to prevent getting more bedbug bites.

Treatment for bedbug bites generally involves applying a cream or ointment or taking antihistamines to stop the itching. In some people, bedbug bites cause an allergic reaction that affects the whole body. A shot of epinephrine or antihistamine can halt a severe allergic reaction. Scratching bedbug bites can cause bites to become infected and start to ooze pus, in which case antibiotics might be needed.

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