How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent With Sotheby's?

To become a real estate agent with Sotheby's, begin by preparing a resume to send to a location near you. As a luxury real estate company, Sotheby's represents buyers looking in the upper price echelons in different metropolitan areas and lists homes in that echelon as well, providing considerable commissions.

The key skills for a Sotheby's real estate agent include a track record of providing superior service, a reputation as an expert in the local marketplace, focusing on the best interests of the client and committing to the utmost level of integrity, according to Jack Cotton, founder of the company that became Sotheby's. Sometimes the desire for a commission conflicts with the best interests of the client, but when that dilemma ends up harming the customer, the reputation of the company suffers.

When looking to hire new agents, Sotheby's looks for people enthusiastic about innovations in the real estate industry. People who are willing to be the first agent to try a new strategy for reaching people within a market are attractive to the company. The requirement for expertise makes it likely that successful applicants would already have a track record of success in real estate with a different company.