How Do I Take Bay Tree Cuttings?

How Do I Take Bay Tree Cuttings?

Take bay tree cuttings from the end of the stem in the summer when you find the wood green and pliable. You need the following items before you begin: a bucket of water, a clear plastic bag, coarse sand, 8-inch wooden sticks, a garden heat mat, pruning shears, rooting compound and a 6-inch flower pot.

  1. Select the cuttings

    Remove all but the top two or three leaves from the cuttings of the firm and pliable stems, and then set them aside in a bucket of water. Make sure you cut three or four 8-inch cuttings.

  2. Prepare the sand

    Fill the flower pot with the sand and water, and then let the water drain from the bottom. You may then prepare 4-inch holes for the cuttings in the sand.

  3. Fit the cuttings

    Coat the bottom three inches of the sand with a stick that is dipped in rooting hormone. After fixing the cutting into the sand, firm the sand around it. Repeat this process for each cutting.

  4. Cover the cuttings

    Space the wooden sticks uniformly around the outside edges of the flower pot before covering the cuttings with a clear plastic bag and sealing it with a rubber band. Place the pot on the heating mat in a bright location but out of direct sunlight.

  5. Check for root growth

    Pull gently on the stems and feel for resistance after four weeks. Wait another week if you feel no resistance. However, remove the plastic cover if it stays anchored firmly in place.

  6. Transfer to the garden

    Transplant the new bay trees into separate pots, and grow them out until the following spring before putting them in the garden.