What Are Some Bathroom Renovation Ideas?


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Some bathroom renovation ideas include painting the walls, replacing worn-out furniture, laying new tiles, and replacing the sink and other fixtures, such as the toilet, the shower and tubs. After repairs and installation of new fixtures, spraying the tiles with nontoxic polyurethane spray gives a good finish. The renovation budget must cover all expenses, including hardware finishes and lighting.

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A homeowner can save time by painting the walls with bright colors, making them lively and attractive, instead of tiling the entire room. Purchasing new or reclaimed tiles, furniture or even toilets from warehouses or auction houses helps to save on costs, and furniture and mirrors can be bought from local junk and charity shops. Getting gleamed taps and new tiles for new flooring help to improve the overall look. Repairing the surfaces, such as countertops and backsplashes, and replacing the shower with a more efficient unit may be necessary.

Avoid common bathroom pitfalls such as getting vanities that are too low is vital, and consider the availability of space to accommodate the changes. Does the renovation plan entail a complex or compact redesign of the bathroom? The paramount consideration, however, is the budget, as this determines what can be done.

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