What Are Some Bathroom Flooring Ideas?

What Are Some Bathroom Flooring Ideas?

Popular ideas for bathroom floors include vinyl, tile, concrete and even pebbles. While all of these floors have attractive options, the final choice comes down to consideration of budget, lifestyle, bathroom decor and personal preference.

Vinyl flooring has long been a popular flooring option for bathrooms. It stands up well to wet conditions and is easy to maintain. Whether sheet or tile, vinyl is typically affordable, and it comes in many styles and colors.

Ceramic or porcelain tile makes an attractive and practical choice. Matching tile used throughout the room provides an elegant monochromatic look. Tile is also easy to maintain.

Concrete flooring offers a more modern option. It may be stained in any shade, and it stands up well to moisture.

Pebble flooring gives a bathroom a unique look that may also be carried over into the shower area. Pebbles come in a variety of sizes and colors.