What Are Bath and Shower Screens?


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Bath screens are pieces of glass that affix to the wall of a shower or tub to prevent water from escaping into the rest of the room while the shower is in use. The screens only cover a portion of the shower, focusing on the area near the shower head, leaving the back of the shower open.

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Bath screens serve as an alternative to traditional shower covering options, such as full glass doors or removable shower curtains. The glass attaches to the wall of the shower closest to the shower head and reaches up slightly above the water while still leaving space between it and the ceiling. It extends a few feet out towards the back of the shower so that any water that splashes off a person using the water does not splash out onto the floor. In most cases, the glass has no moving components and stays stationary at all times to block the water.

Depending on the style of the shower and the space available, some models of bath screens feature folding or contracting components, though these never cover the full length of the shower. The user can step into and out of the shower through the open area in the back, eliminating the need for curtains or doors. The glass is easier to clean than fabrics or plastics, with a smaller surface area to clean.

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