What Are Some Basics for Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets?


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When building your own kitchen cabinets, begin by measuring the desired space for the cabinets and creating a scale blueprint either with an online building plan or graph paper. Gather supplies before construction and have a list of the exact dimensions of each wood piece needed to create the design.

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What Are Some Basics for Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets?
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Choose a wood that suits your budget and desired look. For example, if you are painting or staining the cabinets, use a less expensive wood. If you desire a particular type of wood grain, density or color, go to a local store or warehouse that sells cabinets and compare the construction and looks of various types of wood. After purchasing the wood, finalize the cabinet blueprints and include a door framing design. Make any necessary changes to the layout to optimize the space.

Some lumber supply stores or home improvement centers cut wood to specific dimensions for a fee and guarantee accurate cuts. If cutting the wood at home, use a framing square to outline the cuts, and check the measurements twice before cutting the wood. Ensure the edges of each cut are square, and label each cut and the connecting sides with a pencil to make assembly easier.

When gluing cabinets together, start by gluing the bottom to the sides and then glue the top and shelves. Glue the back piece last. If using pipe clamps, attach them with something to protect the wood from pressure damage. Keep measuring the completed pieces after construction to ensure dimensions are accurate and pieces are level. After bonding each cabinet and checking the measurements, use finishing nails to secure the shape.

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