What Is the Basic Way to Wire a Phone Jack?


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To wire a phone jack, cut open the outer insulation of the wire, access the inner wire to expose the copper wires inside, and undo the screws of the wall jack. Then, secure the white, blue, orange and stripped wires to the appropriate screws of the jack.

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Begin wiring a phone jack by running a knife blade's tip down the phone wire so that a slit that is 2 inches long is formed on the outer plastic insulation. With the knife, cut the insulation from around the wire, and remove it to access the phone wires inside. Expose the copper wires within the thin inner phone wires by removing 1/2 inch of their insulation, using the knife. Add hook bends at the tips of the copper wires, using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Position the telephone jack so that its rear side faces you, and undo the four screws present behind the wall jack. To do this, turn each screw in a counter-clockwise direction using a Phillips screwdriver. Slip the white wire's hook under the screw on the upper left side, and the blue wire's hook beneath the screw on the upper right side. Slip the hook of the wire with orange and white stripes under the screw on the lower right side, and the hook of the orange wire beneath the screw on the bottom left. Finally, tighten all the screws by turning the Phillips screwdriver in a clockwise direction.

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