What Are Some Basic Swimming Pool Care Instructions?

What Are Some Basic Swimming Pool Care Instructions?

Some basic swimming pool care instructions include using a pool cover when needed, removing debris, running the pump and adjusting the pH. Pool care is directly related to how often the pool is in use.

A pool cover is laid out when a pool is not in use for a long period such as during winter. It helps in keeping the pool water clean by keeping off leaves and other debris and it also protects small children and pets from falling into the pool.

Skimming the pool removes floating debris such as leaves. The debris is then thrown far away from the pool to prevent the wind from blowing it back to the pool. A good quality skimmer is important because skimming is a regular chore.

Running the pump helps in moving water from the pool to the filter, that expels any dirt, debris or dust, then directing it back to the pool. The size of the pool and the number of swimmers determine the frequency and the period of running the pump.

Chemical levels are important in regular pool maintenance to keep the water safe and clean. This involves using a testing kit, that is easily obtainable from pool stores, then adjusting the chemical levels to achieve the ideal balance.