What Are the Basic Steps for Pool Pump Motor Repair?

The basic steps for repairing a pool pump motor depends on the problem with the motor. For example, the steps required to repair the bearings are different than replacing the motor itself.

Replacing the bearings in a pool pump motor requires purchasing the correct bearings and taking the motor apart.

  1. Remove the motor
  2. Remove the pump motor from the pump's housing.

  3. Remove the diffuser
  4. Snap the diffuser off the impeller.

  5. Take off the electrical cover
  6. Remove the electrical cover and impeller by removing the screws that hold it in place.

  7. Secure the shaft
  8. Secure the motor shaft with a flat, open-ended wrench until it catches the flat piece of the shaft.

  9. Take off the impeller
  10. Twist the impeller off by turning it counter-clockwise. Use a wrench to loosen it, if necessary.

  11. Take off the seal plate
  12. Lift off the seal plate.

  13. Take note of the top marking
  14. Make a mental note of the "Top" marking on the seal plate and the mounting plate. These markings must line up when reassembling the mechanism.

  15. Replace the shaft seal
  16. Replace the shaft seal even if replacing the motor.

  17. Remove the motor mounting plate
  18. Remove the bolts that hold on the motor mounting plate and take off the plate.

  19. Take out the water slinger
  20. Remove the rubber boot around the motor shaft, called the water slinger.

  21. Remove the V-switch
  22. Remove the V-switch to gain access to the governor.

  23. Release the capacitor
  24. Release the capacitor by removing the screw at the top. Do not disconnect, but push it to one side.

  25. Take out the governor springs
  26. Use a pair of small pliers to slip the governor springs off their posts.

  27. Remove the weight
  28. Remove the weight that sits inside the governor bracket. It should just slip off, but use a small pair of pliers to remove it, if necessary.

  29. Take off the governor bracket
  30. Unscrew the screw holding the bracket in place and remove the governor bracket.

  31. Remove the through bolts
  32. Remove the four visible through bolts.
  33. Take off the front-end bell
  34. Using a hammer, gently tap the front-end bell to separate it from the shell.

  35. Pull out the rotor
  36. Take the rotor and shaft assembly out of the shell.

  37. Take out the rear bearing load spring
  38. Take out the rear bearing load spring by removing it from the back of the shell.

  39. Remove the bearing screw
  40. Remove the bearing locking screw used to hold in the front bearing.

  41. Remove the front-end bell
  42. Tap the front-end bell lightly with a hammer until it comes loose. Remove the bell.

  43. Pull off the rear bearing
  44. Using a bearing puller, remove the rear bearing.

  45. Remove the front bearing snap ring
  46. Take off the front bearing snap ring using a pair of ring pliers.

  47. Take out the front bearing
  48. Take out the front bearing using the nearing puller.

  49. Slip off the washer
  50. Slip off the washer behind the front bearing.

Now that the pump has been disassembled, replace the parts as necessary. Reassemble the pump in the reverse order.