How Do You Do Basic Plumbing Tasks?


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Stop a leaky faucet by replacing the seals inside of the taps. Unclog a stubborn drain or backed-up toilet using a plumber's snake. Fix a constantly running toilet by replacing the flapper ball.

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How Do You Do Basic Plumbing Tasks?
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Fixing a leaky faucet not only saves money and conserves water, it is a very easy job. First, remove the decorative knobs from the hot and cold taps. Some knobs pull right off while others require removing a small screw. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the tap cartridges. Remove and replace all the rubber seals and washers inside the cartridges, and then reassemble the faucet.

Toilets and drains require different kinds of plumber's snakes because of their different sizes, but the procedure is the same in both cases. Feed the snake cable into the drain or toilet while turning the crank clockwise. If the snake becomes stuck, turn the crank counter-clockwise while pulling on the cable. Eventually, the snake breaks up the material causing the clog.

A worn or crumbling flapper ball can cause a toilet to flush poorly and to run constantly. Most flapper balls clip onto a vertical plastic tube inside the toilet tank and attach to the toilet handle with a metal chain. Unhook the chain from the old flapper ball, detach it from the central tube, and install the new flapper ball. This simple repair results in a more efficient toilet and can save considerable amounts of money each month.

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