What Are the Basic Parts of Your GE Dishwasher?


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The basic parts of a GE dishwasher are a water heater, a water pumping and spraying system, dish racks, a door assembly, a soap dispenser and a power and control system. These parts are similar to other brands of dishwashers, though specific parts may vary by model.

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GE dishwashers generally feature dual-pump direct drive water systems. The direction of water either in or out of the unit is controlled by a solenoid that changes valves as necessary. This is in contrast to reversible pump systems, which change the direction of the water flow in the pump itself.

The water spraying system, driven by the pumps, differs by GE models. While cheaper models only feature an upper and lower rack sprayer, pricier units have side jets, silverware rack jets and a middle rack sprayer. The GE Cafe series, for example, has over 100 spraying wash jets.

Depending on the model, GE dishwashers, as of 2015, either feature a raised or concealed electric heating element. The latter is a premium feature reserved for high-end models of the GE Appliance catalog. GE dishwashers typically range in price from $300 to $1,600. More expensive models have features like hidden door-mounted controls, custom front panels to blend the appliance with other cabinets, multiple cycle options and quiet operation.

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