What Are Basic Lawn Equipment Essentials?

What Are Basic Lawn Equipment Essentials?

Basic lawn care equipment essentials include mowers, trimmers and blowers. In addition, lawn care equipment essentials can include tools such as rakes, shovels and sprinklers.

Mowers are available in several different styles and are essential in order to keep grass neatly cut. Rotary mowers are most common, and the blades rotate horizontally, chopping off the top part of the grass. It is important to keep the blades sharp to avoid tearing the grass as opposed to cutting it.

Trimmers are essential pieces of lawn care equipment because it is necessary to trim the grass up against the house and in areas a mower may not reach. Trimmers work with a head that spins plastic twine at a rate of speed that cuts the grass. They can be electric or gas and oil powered.

Blowers and rakes are equally as important for removing grass clippings, leaves and other debris in order to promote a clean-looking lawn. Blowers receive power from different sources but all feature designs that blow forced air to assist with cleaning up lawns. Smaller blowers can take batteries or propel themselves using gas. Larger blowers usually run strictly on gas.

Sprinklers are essential in order to ensure that the grass, bushes and flower beds receive proper irrigation.