What Are Some Basic Janitorial Supplies?

What Are Some Basic Janitorial Supplies?

Basic janitorial supplies include brooms, mops, dusters and cleaning and sanitizing sprays. Other supplies include trash bags, trash cans, gloves, sponges and paper towels.

The types of janitorial supplies a janitor uses typically depend on the type and size of the building being cleaned. Larger buildings require more supplies. Some janitors may use vacuum cleaners floor polishers or grout cleaners. Janitors working in large offices or homes use supplies that allow them to clean a large area in a small amount of time.

Janitors working in an industrial setting may need supplies such as degreasers, chemical cleaners, absorbents, bleach cleaners and powdered soaps. They might also carry sprays designed to cut down on dust and germ buildup, depending on the setting.

Janitors working in a sanitary setting often use cleaners designed to sterilize an area, and they use a different system of waste disposal.

Other common janitorial supplies include scrubbers, glass cleaners, furniture polish and bathroom cleaners.

Shop for these and other basic janitorial supplies online and in janitorial supply stores located all over the United States. Uline, Grainger and CleanItSupply are a few of the retailers that offer deals on these supplies, notes ThomasNet.com. Each sells supplies by brand-name manufacturers such as Lysol, Glade and Kraft as of 2015.