What Are the Basic Instructions for a Cucina Pro Pasta Machine?


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The basic instructions for the Cucina Pro Imperial pasta are to open the rollers as far apart as possible and turn the handles to pull the dough through the machine. After folding the dough in half and pressing it six to eight times, the user begins moving the rollers closer.

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The basic pasta recipe for the machine requires two eggs and 2 cups of flour. The user mixes the two ingredients to create a soft dough for use with the machine. Adding cooked tomato or spinach puree to the mixture creates colored pasta.

Before using the machine, the owner should take time to clean it. Since it is impossible to reach all the internal parts, the best way to clean it is to run a sheet of pasta through the press several times and then discard the sheet.

While it is possible to use the pasta in sheets, the machine offers several attachments to extrude shaped pasta, such as spaghetti or linguini. Before this final pass, the pasta must rest for 10 minutes. The user selects the appropriate attachment and cuts the pasta to the desired length. The cut pasta should dry before cooking. Long pieces of pasta dry best by hanging over a wooden stand, but they can also be dried by laying them flat on a clean counter.

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