How Do You View a Basic Drawing of an Electrical Transformer?


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Simple diagrams of electrical transformers are available at Electronics-Tutorials.ws. The diagrams show how single phase voltage transformers and current transformers are constructed, while further information on the site includes an explanation of how transformers work and the mathematics behind the transformer's effect on the electricity.

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Voltage transformers are used to reduce the voltage between the power grid and home wiring. Electricity moves through power lines at very high voltage, so the transformer is required to reduce the voltage for use in the home.

The diagram at Electronics-Tutorials.ws shows that voltage transformers include two coils of wire: the primary and the secondary coils. The primary coil receives power, and the secondary coil delivers it. The coils are wrapped around a magnetic iron circuit. The primary coil turns the electrical power into a magnetic field, and the secondary coil converts the field into electrical power at the required voltage.

Current transformers reduce electrical power's voltage and allow standard ammeters to measure the current in an electrical line. The primary winding consists of far fewer turns than it would in a voltage transformer, while the secondary winding has a large number of turns. The secondary coil is wrapped around a magnetic core that lowers the current. Current transformers are used in protective relays and circuit breakers.

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