What Basic Care Do Dipladenia Plants Need on a Daily Basis?


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Caring for a dipladenia requires feeding once a month during the growing season, keeping the soil well watered and drained and keeping the plant in fertile soil. These plants grow well in almost any condition and are heat tolerant.

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What Basic Care Do Dipladenia Plants Need on a Daily Basis?
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The dipladenia blooms in the summer and produces flowers that are red, white or pink. It prefers sun and partial shade and should be planted from 2 to 3 feet apart. Properly cared for, this plant grows to be between 4 and 8-feet tall.

After bringing home a new dipladenia, prepare the garden by breaking up existing soil to remove large clumps. These plants grow best with the addition of an organic material such as peat moss or manure, so add that to the garden before planting. For best results, add a fertilizer labeled 12-12-12. The hole in the garden should be around twice as large as the plant's root ball.

Carefully loosen the roots before placing the plant in the ground. Place the plant in the hole and cover with soil. Water new plants daily or until established. Once established, watering them every 2 or 3 days, depending on the weather, is usually sufficient. Water when the first 2 to 4-inches of soil is dry. Always follow the package directions when fertilizing.

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