Is Baseboard Heating an Energy Efficient Method of Heating a Home?


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Baseboard heating falls into the category of electric resistance heating, according to Energy.gov, and is far less energy efficient than heat that is generated by combustion. If electric heat is the only option in a home, a heat pump is far more efficient than baseboard heaters.

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If a home is equipped only with baseboard heat, residents can lower their energy bill by increasing insulation and heating only zones of the home that are being used on an ongoing basis. If the baseboard heaters have individual thermostats, the heaters in unused rooms can be operated at a lower temperature, and the room can be sealed off from the rest of the home in order to reduce energy costs.

Homeowners can also check the quality of their baseboard heaters, as well as the age. These factors may influence how energy efficient the heaters are, as well as how well the temperature control on the units function. However, property owners that are looking for an energy-efficient heating method may wish to consider upgrading the electric baseboard heat in their home to a heat pump. This can cut energy use by up to 50 percent, lowering energy bills and enabling property owners to heat their homes far more efficiently.

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