Are Baseboard Heaters Better Than Stand up Heaters?


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Baseboard heaters are more effective and less expensive than stand-up heaters when heating larger rooms, while stand-up or space heaters are better in the same ways for smaller rooms. Both forms of heat are considered to be supplemental to a central furnace, wood stove or other heating source.

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Are Baseboard Heaters Better Than Stand up Heaters?
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A 400-watt space heater is capable of warming one person in a small room, such as an office, bedroom or bathroom. A larger, less-compact unit is equipped to heat a slightly larger space.

Baseboard heaters are powerful enough to heat living rooms or family rooms. Those outfitted with thermostats are also fairly energy efficient. They work best on ground-level floors as they draw heat from the floor and distribute it throughout a room.

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